Honest pricing for everyone.

Our monthly rates are flat, and our website costs are dependent on the needs of the customer, wether it be a lawyers office or a small janitorial service, our pricing fits what you need, not who you are.

We offer what you need. Website design, and fast responsive hosting to go with it. Your website will look great, load fast, and get found.

Basic Hosting

USD / Mo
Our basic hosting plan, great for small businesses, just wanting a basic online presence.
Secure Site (SSL)
Custom Domain Name Transfer
50Gb Bandwidth
Up to 100 Pages
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Plus Hosting

USD / Mo
The middle of the ground hosting plan, recommended for any business .
200 Gb Bandwidth
Content Managment System
Free Service Hour
Up to 1000 Form Submissions
Additional Content Editor
Secure Site (SSL)
Custom Domain Name Transfer
Up to 100 Pages
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Premium Hosting

USD / Mo
The Premium hosting plan, best for large sites that expect a large b2b influx.
Global CDN
Form File Upload
400 Gb Bandwidth
Up to 2500 Form Submissions
Up to 10 Additional Editors
2 Free Service Hours
Secure Site (SSL)
10,000 CMS Items
Up to 100 Pages
Search Within Site
Custom Domain Name Transfer
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Got a question about our pricing model? Here are some of our most frequent and helpful questions below.

Is the billing automatic?

Yes, after the billing information is inputed, you will automatically be billed every month for the service when you chose to end.

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes, you can end your hosting anytime, and the code to the website will be exported back to you, although we will not help setup your website if you change from our services.

Does this include the website cost?

No, the website cost will be billed separately, this is for the hosting, SSL, and service hours depending on the plan.

When does billing start?

The website get billed as soon as the project starts, the monthly billing starts as soon as the website is live.

What is a service hour?

Depending on the plan, that is the amount of time that your site manager can change or make any changes to the website.

Can I change my site plan?

Yes, you can change your site plan anytime.

Are there E-commerce plans?

Yes, although because of the amount of moving parts, E-commernce brands are quoted monthly, not set pricing.

Do service hours rollover?

No, Service hours do not rollover month to month, but can be purchased for 49$ an hour.

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