The Importance of Responsive Design

What is a Responsive Website?

Responsive websites are sites that are viewable and perform well on phone, tablet, and desktop. This is important because 58.72% of all website traffic in September 2022 were from mobile websites. With a majority of users coming from mobile devices, it is vital that your website can be viewed with good usability and good customer experience on mobile layouts.

person holding black android smartphone
Why is it Important to Have a Responsive Website?

Responsive websites let people who are on the go, use tablets, or small devices to all be able to have the same great experience on the website. Time on page is important, and if your website does not load properly, or has issues with buttons not working, and text being cut off, people are a lot less likely to stay on your site, which gives them less time to do actions that deem them "a lead".

Sharing the website is also more popular through mobile devices. With people easily able to text, forward, and post links and websites on there phone, it is important that your site looks professional and easy to engage. Previews on iMessage and text links that show some content of your site when sent, so there is a good idea of what your site is about is super important. A site that has a mobile layout coded into it, gives google the thumbs up that it can be searched on any device and also helps with search engine optimization.

illustration of smartphone application screenshots

Usability plays a huge part in people wanting to interact with your website, and your services. When it comes to digital marketing, you do not want any limiting factors, the most important things are having people come to your site, and having people stay on your site.

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By: Joseph Martin